Category : Government of Ontario

A Better Way Forward

he Anti-Racism Directorate (ARD) works to eliminate systemic racism in Ontario government policies, decisions and programs. Our design approach for the foundational strategic plan established a compelling brand voice through evocative commissioned photography, bold palette and page design. The result was an assertive message encouraging behavioural change for all Ontarians.

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It’s Never Okay — An Action Plan

he Ontario Government established a groundbreaking plan to stop sexual violence and harassment, “It’s Never Okay.” We designed collateral elements and all digital, print and display materials for a 2-day Summit. The work leverages the power of illustration. Dramatic grid structure and colour blocking elevate the design to reflect the sensitive content.

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Ontario Savings Bonds

his commercial will really make you feel something — so don’t watch it if you’ve just had lunch. Our campaign for Ontario Savings Bonds invites investors to get off the stock market roller coaster, and enjoy the smooth ride of a guaranteed return on their money.

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