We buy with our hearts, not brains. If an idea doesn't move you, move on.
At Agency59, Strategy defines the one powerful emotion. Creative pushes
the right buttons. And Media finds the right moment. How does that feel?

Filtering the Twitterverse for the word "feel". Because to us, emotion is everything.

A more compelling story is told when Strategy, Creative and Media create it together.

Interac INTERAC is your money. There is freedom in not having to borrow. A tiny invisible bank truck embodies the promise that with INTERAC, your money is with you. An everyday brand demands ubiquity. TV, outdoor, print, online, and SEM engage at every point. Empowered
Everyday Simply

Savings Bonds A little safety goes a long way. When it comes to investing, some people prefer the calmer ride of Ontario Savings Bonds.. TV, outdoor, print and online targeted Ontarians when and where they’re thinking investments. Secure
Invest on solid ground

Nordica It’s time to stop apologizing and live a little. For this group it means living life on their terms. We pair cottage cheese with other foods in unexpected ways. Because Anything Goes. We get playful with outdoor. And invite discussion online (even when CBC questions our campaign). Adventurous
Anything Goes

Egg Farmers Knowing the farmer changes everything. You can’t make the truth up. Farmers’ own stories become the basis of our campaign. Radio ads let the farmers go one-on-one. Outdoor lets us get regional, and local. Real

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Labatt Youth share their beliefs on Facebook. How do they feel about drinking and driving? Show how far some will go to avoid drinking and driving. Keep it ridiculous. Target youth offline; drive traffic online. A Pledge App helps them spread the word in their words. Proud

Passionate, hard-working,
down-to-earth, fun-loving
and possibly even crazy.

Al Scornaienchi President & CEO
Brian Howlett Chief Creative Officer
Tina Fernandez VP Strategy
Kwesi Holder Media Director

David Foy President A59 Response
Marc Cooper Chief Digital Officer A59 Response

Deirdre Hughes Creative Director
Suzanne Porter Director, Client Services

It feels great when we hear someone talking about our work. Our baseball team gives me the feeling of wanting to punch a baby in the face. It feels incredible working with people who care.
It feels great watching a client's social media strategy ignite online discussion. I feel amazing when a friend mentions a campaign we have created. It feels like home... which has nothing to do with the fact that I’m on dish duty this week.
I feel frustrated when marketers are out of date and misinformed. It’s a great feeling when a client goes out of their way to let us know they really appreciate our thinking. I feel devastated when cowardice kills originality.
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