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he York School is a Toronto independent school that stands out in this competitive marketplace with a progressive, international and urban brand. The microsite and companion collateral needed to reflect this, by being equally unique. The design employs whimsical, sophisticated illustrations, differentiating itself from the literal photography typical of this category. The illustrations present a […]

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It’s Never Okay — An Action Plan

he Ontario Government established a groundbreaking plan to stop sexual violence and harassment, “It’s Never Okay.” We designed collateral elements and all digital, print and display materials for a 2-day Summit. The work leverages the power of illustration. Dramatic grid structure and colour blocking elevate the design to reflect the sensitive content.

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Partners in Health

IH Canada has been operating since the fall 2011. In order to drive fundraising, we need to do three things: i) tell the backstory of Partners In Health as a game-changing organization in global health over the past three decades; ii) show the impact of PIH’s current work, iii) establish an identity as an authentically […]

2,Oct,2014 Client, Discipline, Execution, Website a59admin
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